Who? What? and Why? C3D Solutions

C3D Solutions was created to design and manufacture problem solving tools across multiple industries using 3D printing technology. We currently still work in the field for our window cleaning business. This presented a lot of opportunities ,from the inside out, to fix problems we encountered or tools we needed to make our jobs more efficient. 3D printing provides a lot of advantages compared to conventional manufacturing. First, 3D printing allows very small time between product development and product testing. We can design a product or make changes and begin production same day on prototypes. Secondly, it's less labor intensive. Our machines are completely automated up to the point of the product being removed to the machine. Third, we can quickly change designs or improvements to any products without having to purchase or create an additional mold or make changes to existing. Lastly, 3D printing allows us to make patterns within the product to give it strength while also allowing flexibility. This minimizes material waste, cuts cost and pushing savings along to suppliers/consumers.