The Chariot
The Chariot
The Chariot
The Chariot
The Chariot
The Chariot
The Chariot

The Chariot

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"The Chariot"

The Chariot a 3D printed attachment for a water fed pole system. It allows technicians a wide variety of applications and add on services for your business, using equipment you already have. Combine with a spray nozzle, brush, or roller to get the job done safely from the ground.


-Made out of PETG which gives strength, UV resistance,Chemical Resistance,Temperature Resistance

-Weighs just under 3lbs

-Fits a wide variety of poles, can be placed close to end of pole of every in the middle to allow for the proper angle of applications. Chariots can even be daisy chained in instances such as large solar panels, or high roof washes.

-GoPro Mountable

-Made in USA


-Roof Washing

-Solar Panel Cleaning

-Building Washing

-Pest Extermination


-Increase safety by minimizing the need to get on top of a roof

-Decrease overspray by keeping the spray solution as close to the surface as possible while still maintaining proper application

-Allow service businesses to use equipment they already own to increase add on services for their business

-Make those hard to reach areas accessible without the need for high risk situations or renting a lift.

-An easy to teach method for roof washing for newer technicians, if they can mow a yard they can use The Chariot.

-Safely spray wasp nests at a safe distance


PLEASE NOTE-Spray nozzle is NOT included

**The Chariot will officially be released August 11th, 2019. We're opening up pre sales with very limited availability.**