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Bucket Bro-Window Cleaning Wand Wringing Tool
The Bucket Bro wrings out excess fluid stored in your wand without getting your hands wet. Wringing out excess water out of the wand is a common practice among professional window cleaning. Too much water in the wand can cause multiple issues that could be easily be avoided.
Avoidable Issues
1. Hazardous Walking Surface
2. Staining Carpet or other sensitive flooring
3. Over Saturation in window sills and frames (causing drips later)
4. Chemical Mixture (ammonia, acid, alcohol, etc) on sensitive surfaces
5. Wet hands in a colder environment
6. "Finger Cracks" Extremely dry hands due to the soap used by window cleaners
All of our products are 3D printed. This allows us to give our products properties that typical molding can not. Different fill patterns, layer height, enforcement in specific areas make a combination of flexibility and strength without using excess material. 
-Weight: 1.5oz
-Material: PLA (Chemically Resistant- Check NDA of products prior to use)
-Hook works with both round and rectangle window cleaning buckets.
-Eye-lit for tool tie off
Contact us info@c3dsolutions.store for distributor pricing.